About The Ukraine Relief Fund

The Ukraine Relief Fund was born out of a response to the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. As Russian forces poured over the border, Alina Pierowicz’s thoughts immediately turned to her family who lived just outside of Kyiv. Over the next month, Alina heard of the devastation wrought upon the families of Ukraine and recognized the scale of support needed to aid ordinary Ukrainians in their time of need. 

After providing aid to her family and coordinating their evacuation, Alina wanted to help other Ukrainian families experiencing hardship as a result of the Russian invasion. We founded the Ukraine Relief Fund to provide aid to the most vulnerable members of Ukrainian society, families, women, and children. The funds and donations raised by the Ukrainian Relief Fund are used to provide essential supplies directly to these vulnerable populations. Through our contacts in Ukraine, we are able to gain real time information of those items which are in greatest need, ship supplies directly to villages and towns, and ensure these items are provided directly to those most in need. 

Today we are continuing our mission to provide the most critical, needed items to the most vulnerable Ukrainians. In this way, we can provide a light to those impacted by the darkness of war.